Investment Highlights

Medical Cannabis Resource Group Limited (“MCRG”) is a vertically integrated hemp cultivation and research
company operating a diverse group of business units in the industry since 2015

Research and Development
Pet Food
Processing & Refinement


Through the administration of the company’s business units, MCRG accumulates  pools of knowledge and data that is used to generate valuable insight in the industry, therefore establishing MCRG as a uniquely data-driven company


MCRG methodically searches for inefficient segments of the sector to establish profitable ventures that create and capture those markets


MCRG is supported by its team’s  expertise with over 10 years of experience and involvement in the
 sector. MCRG itself was founded in 2015, but
the MCRG team began successfully developing one of the first Licensed
Producer licenses in 2013 and has been part of the Canadian story ever since

Market Strategy

1. Highly inefficient market

As a result of the industry’s nascent stage of development, the  market is filled with inefficiencies that leads entrants to abandon business fundamentals in search of “easy” profit

2. Inefficiencies create opportunities

Most LPs currently chase the attractive opportunities found in cultivating for the newly legalized recreational market and the inflated valuations given to such ventures.

The result is that other segments of the market with stronger business cases and investment opportunities are forgotten.

3. Thematic investment in real opportunities

MCRG is at its core is a group of thematic investors who’s goal is to make rational business decisions in an irrational business environment.

Our strategy of disruption centers around a targeted and methodical search for inefficient corners of the market that are ripe for entry following planning and swift execution.

  • Analyzing and Targeting Inefficiencies in Market
  • Planning and Structuring Business for Entry
  • Rapid Execution to Capture Market